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"Awesome vet clinic to take your furbaby to!..."
"Awesome vet clinic to take your furbaby to!  Dr. Shelly Mitchell explains everything in detail and is very compassionate.  She has been a great help treating my FFA students livestock projects over the years, thank you so much!!"  Kristen Nieto, Los Fresnos FFA Ag Teacher
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"Arroyo Veterinary Hospital is the best place in town for customer service. We were very happy with the doctors knowledge"
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"Dr. Mitchell provided excellent care for my foster dog"

"Dr. Mitchell provided excellent care for my foster dog"
The staff was professional and caring at each appointment.
We have decided to make the change and have Dr. Mitchell as our dogs vet.  Highly recommend this clinic to everyone."

Prescription Policies
The entire team at Arroyo Veterinary Hospital is committed to helping your pet enjoy a happier and healthier life. Veterinary medications dispensed in our veterinary clinic come from a qualified team who can answer your questions and assure you that your animal companion has the proper drug, dosage and most importantly a safe product. We offer a wide range of medications in our veterinary clinic. If we do not have a medication in-house, we can provide a written prescription or special order the medication. We make every effort to be sure to provide your animal companions with safe and effective pharmaceutical products.

Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship
If your pet needs a medication, the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners stipulates that there must be a valid veterinarian-patient-client relationship. This means that in order for us to be able to fill any prescriptions one of our veterinarians needs to have examined your animal within the past twelve months.  Some medications require follow up appointments and/or lab work to help monitor the response and risks associated with the use of the medication.

Refill Requests
We ask that you allow 24 hours for any prescriptions to be filled to allow our team to review the request and your pet’s medical record. This also includes prescription food.  We are unable to do same day refills. 

Online Pharmacy Prescriptions
Our relationship with the drug manufacturers ensures that the prescription drugs we dispense are safe and trusted. In fact, all of the major veterinary drug manufacturers maintain a strict practicing veterinary – only sales policy. These manufacturers have this policy in place because they know that veterinarians and their staff are best suited to discuss the issues relating to safety and efficacy as well as the side effects and risks.

Exactly how some of the retailers and internet pharmacies acquire your pets’ drugs isn’t publicized given that they circumvent the veterinary-only sales policies of the drug makers. Many of these companies obtain their products through diversion. Diversion, for most of these cases, involves a way for these companies to obtain the drugs from an unauthorized channel.  Although we recognize that diversion is not necessarily illegal, we do feel it is an unethical method. Diversion eliminates the ability to know exactly how your pet’s medication has been stored or handled and whether it is an effective or even a safe product. Furthermore, products purchased through on-line pharmacies will null and void any manufacturer guarantees or reimbursement programs due to product failure.

Due to the ever increasing number of online pharmacies, we cannot determine if any specific pharmacy is safe, ethical and a legal provider of medications.  

We try to be competitive with our pricing and attempt to use rebates and coupons whenever possible. We fully realize the expense that can be involved with caring for your animal companions.  With all of this in mind, we will continue to offer written prescriptions and we feel obligated to inform you if we have evidence or feel strongly that there is a safety risk with a pharmacy that you have chosen. Beyond that, we will respect your decision. 

Effective Immediately: Arroyo Veterinary Hospital will not fax a prescription to any online pharmacy or approve a prescription over the phone. If you would like to purchase medications from one of these companies we can provide you with a written prescription and ask that you come pick it up. We cannot vouch for the quality, dosing, proper storage, or legitimacy of medications purchased online. We can not be responsible for any problems related to medications purchased thru one of these sources. If you lose your written prescription, a second prescription will be provided at the cost of $10 Arroyo Veterinary Hospital offers the convenience of an online pharmacy associated with our hospital. A link to to our online store is found on our website.
Appointment Policies
Unfortunately, like other medical practices, we also have the occasional late arrival or no show appointments. We try to manage these apart from impacting those who do arrive on time.

Late Arrivals

Please be aware that our hospital has a policy that if you are more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment time, your appointment will be rescheduled.  While we certainly understand that delays may happen, we feel we have an obligation and responsibility to do our very best to service clients and patients who are here for their appointments on time. We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes early, as we do have paperwork that will need to be completed.


When you schedule an appointment and fail to show or notify us 24 hours in advance of your inability to keep this appointment time, it impacts our ability to service clients who may be here already waiting to see a doctor.  All missed appointments without 24 hour notice will result in a $25 fee, which will need to be paid prior to any other appointments being scheduled.  If you fail to show or call more than 3 times, you will be prohibited from scheduling an appointment with our medical staff.  We recognize your pet may need medical attention and we do not wish to turn your pet away, but you will be subject to any wait times and walk-in fees associated with the walk-in/urgent care service.